New Category Created

Hacker Glider

I am starting a new category called “Challenges”. In this category I will post some challenges (Yes, I know that it is obvious!) that I have found on the Internet in the past few years and some new (I hope). I have solved most of them and I enjoyed it a lot. Some people do not appreciate the solving process and how much you can gain from it. The more difficult the problem the more satisfaction you get. It is not only about the satisfaction but I have learned several things while solving them and most of them were very valuable

Wanted: Cool WordPress Themes

I am looking for cool WordPress themes. I have found several themes but still didn’t find “the one”. I am searching all over the Internet with no luck so far. Don’t get me wrong, there are very cool themes out there and hundreds of them. If anyone has some cool themes in mind, or has a great source of WP themes, please leave a comment and it would be very appreciated.