ASICWay is a scam

There are many different type of scams that people are trying to exploit others to make profit. This is no different in the crypto world, especially now with the hype of the bull run. ASICWay is one of them and it is not difficult at all to identify this scam. There are several obvious facts that if someone did only a little research would identify very easily. Since some people that got involved in crypto, especially the ones joined recently, are not familiar with technical terms and technologies, it is easy to fall for some scams. First of all, the most obvious was

GemCraft Frostborn Wrath – Achievement Gem Codes and Mods

This is a hidden feature in the game that it blocks several achievements and many have difficulty understanding how it works. In this post we will make it crystal clear how you can unlock the mods by using the codes in the achievements. Codes is a series of 5 gems of different grade shown in some achievements like below, we will mention later the entire list of them. Also, note that the gem codes are randomly generated so you will have to do the combinations yourself.

Middle Earth – Shadow of War – Save Game location and how to backup and restore

Shadow of War is a very nice game that I enjoyed very much. Yet another game though that save game got corrupted and lost my progress. This is happening to almost all the latest games that I played and it is very frustrating. In this post I will show you where you can find the save game, back it up and restore it when corruption happens or when you want to revert to a previous one. Also, you will find some of my save games I was backing up while I was playing the game. This way if it happened and lost your progress without a backup, you can use one of mine.

Bitcoin is probably in bubble mode

Bitcoin logo

I am a big fan of Bitcoin and I’ve been using it since 2012. I was mining for almost 2 years until my electricity was costing me more than the coins I was producing. I’ve worked in few projects that were accepting Bitcoin as payment, processing the transactions and more. During the life of Bitcoin we have seen few bubbles, meaning the price going up parabolic, a lot faster than the previous periods and eventually crashing back. Every time, the price after the crash was higher than the price the rally was starting. I believe we are now in another bubble, prices doubled in about a month and we see big gains daily. This is unsustainable and eventually all markets with these characteristics are correcting themselves. The only questions no one can answer is how high it will go before the crash and when it will happen. In the long term I believe Bitcoin will worth more than what it is now but be careful when buying Bitcoins now. Why buy now when you can buy in few days or weeks with a discount. There is no doubt that Bitcoin has now far more users and investors and that is why the price is so high (over $2200) but that doesn’t mean it can continue playing the greater fool game forever.

Buy Bitcoin before any hard fork (BTC vs BTU)

Bitcoin logo

I would like to tell you the story from my point of view and then decide if buying Bitcoin now it is a good idea. First of all, for Bitcoin to be able to handle the number of transactions other payment systems do needs to change and this is known since the creation of Bitcoin. From time to time some spam the Bitcoin network with transactions and this leads to two things, first to delay the verification of the transactions and second to increase the transaction fees in order for the transactions to be verified faster. The last spam (days ago) was the worst so far and it created the largest backlog of transactions. I had a transaction that took a week to be confirmed. There are some proposals on how Bitcoin can change and handle larger amount of transactions, the most common are SegWit by Bitcoin core and Bitcoin Unlimited mostly backed by miners. SegWit (Segregated Witness) is a soft fork which means it can handle “old style” transactions along with the new ones and Bitcoin continues normally. Bitcoin Unlimited is had fork which means that it is incompatible and will cause problems in the Bitcoin network. If that happens which is what Bitcoin miners want is to have two Bitcoin blockchains and by extension two coins. Exchange sites decided to keep the Bitcoin core as BTC (or XBT) and the new coin (if created) as BTU (or XBU).

DOOM (2016) – Backup your save games – Save game of fully finished game

DOOM (2016) (a.k.a DOOM 4) is fantastic. The nostalgic factor with the classic levels was very nice, even though finding them was very annoying in some levels. I admit I cheated by watching where they are since I didn’t want to spent hours watching every inch of the level. I prefer to shoot and kill monsters instead! While playing a crash made me loose all the upgrades, I could still see the unlocked levels and use all the guns but all the upgrades were gone. Thankfully I was at level 5 and I didn’t find all the secrets and I would replay them anyway but still, I lost many hours. When I searched about the issue I found out that this specific scenario happened to many players. There are already threads for this so I didn’t post it earlier but I decided to warn the Doom players also.

Zcash is doomed to fail

I am a big fan of cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin for what they stand for. Usually new coins try to offer something new or something better to the community. Some are lighter, some use mining algorithms that prevents the use of specialized hardware in order to keep the mining distributed and some offer better anonymity. Most coins are just clones of others in order for the creators to make some fast and easy cash. Some of them are coming with a number of pre-mined coins that the creator usually holds and gives some for marketing purposes or they are announced in a later stage where many of them are already mined. In any case those crypto-coins are giving nothing to the community and the world.

Edge Path Setter – Microsoft Edge default download path changer

Edge Path Changer Logo

Edge Path Setter is a free and open source application that does one simple thing, it helps you set the default download path of Microsoft Edge web browser. There are many articles in the internet how to change it messing with the registry. This application gives you a nice user interface and helps you to not mess anything in the registry and cause other problems. It is also faster and more user friendly.

IQ Challenge Solutions and Answers

IQ Challenge is another challenging app and here we will post the solutions. All games posted in the website, including IQ Challenge, are played on Android. If the game exists on other platforms like iOS it will have the same answers. Do not continue reading if you are not interested of knowing the solutions of each level. If you are stacked, this post will help you continue playing.