WordPress: Fix maintenance mode

If you installed or updated a plugin and your website is unavailable for a long time with the message “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.” then something went wrong. It is stuck in the maintenance mode but don’t worry, the fix is easy and fast. Open the file manager or go with your FTP to the root directory and you will find a .maintenance file. If you delete it your website will come back to normal. I told you that it is easy and fast! If you have, or had, more issues with your WordPress then contact me to post it and help others that might have the same issue.

How to downgrade WordPress in 5 steps

Most of the times we upgrade WordPress to newer versions to get new features and fixes. Some times when we do that, something in our website breaks, either a plugin or a theme and we need to downgrade to maintain website’s functionality. This happened to me recently and I decided to write this post to help others that have the same issue. This can be done in several ways, in this post I will describe how to do it in 5 simple steps.

How to create a WordPress Child Theme

Wordpress Child Theme

What is a WordPress child theme? Child theme is a WordPress theme but you don’t have to create it from scratch, you use another theme as a base called parent theme and you modify its functionality, layout and styling. You don’t have to be a code guru to create a child theme, in fact you don’t need to know PHP at all. Why should I use child theme? You have found a theme that you like but it needs some additions or modifications to make it meet your needs.

Steps to Secure your WordPress Blog

WordPress Security

WordPress is in my opinion the best choice for your blog. It is powerful and highly extensible. I have created a list of things that anyone can do to add layers of protection to his blog. Blogging means spending time to write and no one wants to see this time and effort wasted due to some hacker. In addition, it is not a good practice to be worrying all the time about hackers and system errors. This list will help you relax and forget about security and focus on writing.

How to remove WordPress version

Wordpress Version

Hackers plan their attack based on the information they have. A large portion of attacks is based on outdated versions of web server, Wordpress, themes, plugins and anything else they can exploit vulnerabilities found on old versions. Wordpress version is visible in any page and post. It is included in the header and anyone who visits your site/blog can see this information. It is wise to remove this information so hackers can’t find the version and plan their attack based on the vulnerabilities found on that version, especially if you don’t update Wordpress because you have made many changes to the code. There are many ways to remove Wordpress version if you search but not all of them remove the version successfully…