IQ Challenge Solutions and Answers

IQ Challenge is another challenging app and here we will post the solutions. All games posted in the website, including IQ Challenge, are played on Android. If the game exists on other platforms like iOS it will have the same answers. Do not continue reading if you are not interested of knowing the solutions of each level. If you are stacked, this post will help you continue playing.

The Stupid Test Solutions

I was playing this Android game, it was funny until it started crashing. It was crashing after 50-80 levels and it was either resetting the score or starting over. I reported 2-3 crashes but after a while I just uninstalled it, enough is enough. This post contains all the solutions for the levels I was able to play. Excuse some mistakes if it is not 100% accurate. I hope you will find this post helpful and I wish it doesn’t crashes on your device.

The Unbeatable IQ Test Solutions

I found some time during the holidays to play some games. One of them was the unbeatable IQ test. Some of the questions are logical, some others are tricky and some others have many solutions and you need to find the one the creator of the game wants as solution. Here you can find all the solutions. Let me know if you found this helpful or if you don’t understand how to pass a level.

Cryptex Challenge – Best IQ test – Android app – Solutions

I installed this game 2 days ago and I completed it in few hours. There were some very interesting puzzles, some very easy, some tricky, some buggy and some with many solutions. If you want to solve them yourself do not continue reading. If you found a bug and the solution seems impossible, it might be the case or you didn’t think the correct way. There is the option to use help or get the solution by loosing some points. If you don’t want to loose the points you can cheat by finding the solution here. Enjoy!

Box Keeper

Box Keeper Icon

Box Keeper is a very popular and addictive puzzle game. It is a Sokoban implementation in C# for Windows. The player can push the boxes and he should move them to specific locations. Sokoban was created in 1981 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi and since then it is implemented in a plethora of platforms including computers, video game consoles and digital cameras. Solving the levels is challenging but the real challenge is to solve them with the minimum number of moves. Box Keeper v1.0 contains the original 50 levels and their difficulty increases almost based on their order. Theoretically, there is an unlimited undo and redo functionality in Box Keeper to help you save time.

10 bar bets for easy money

Most people like betting and even more like winning. You can do both of them and you can see how by watching this video. You will always win the bets unless your opponent is very clever or already know them. Con artists know all of them so you can’t beat them at their own game. Also keep in mind that if you bet a round of drinks with your friends is fun but betting money with strangers could end up badly.

Find the numbers – 005

Another easy one in the sub-category Find the numbers which is similar to the previous one. The first seven numbers are given and you are asked to find the next one. More than one ways can lead you to the correct result but it is not required to provide how you figured it out. There are not assumptions to take into consideration. Everyone lies but numbers don’t. If you find the answer leave a comment and I will let you know if it is correct or not.

Find the numbers – 004

A simple challenge to keep you active in the Find the numbers sub-category. I have received some complaints that most of the challenges are difficult so I have decided to put some easier ones. It is a famous sequence but don’t search for the answer if you want to work out your brain. I have put more numbers in the sequence to make it easier to figure it out. The goal here is to find the next number of the sequence. Find the number, leave a comment with the answer and I will let you know if your answer is correct. I can’t put an easier challenge than this because then it is now a challenge, it is a question. The point is to stress your brain.

Find the numbers – 003

This is the third challenge with the title “Find the numbers”. It requires both basic math knowledge and logic (or programming skills for brute force if you are too lazy to find the answer). Using all digits from 1 to 9, only once, you have to find the two numbers that give the highest product. For example 123456 * 789 = 97406784. In your answer you should include both numbers and their product and I will let you know if it is correct. Like all other challenges, if you find the answer post it in a comment and not by using the contact form. It is easier to check it and give you credit for it.