ASICWay is a scam

There are many different type of scams that people are trying to exploit others to make profit. This is no different in the crypto world, especially now with the hype of the bull run. ASICWay is one of them and it is not difficult at all to identify this scam. There are several obvious facts that if someone did only a little research would identify very easily. Since some people that got involved in crypto, especially the ones joined recently, are not familiar with technical terms and technologies, it is easy to fall for some scams. First of all, the most obvious was

GemCraft Frostborn Wrath – Achievement Gem Codes and Mods

This is a hidden feature in the game that it blocks several achievements and many have difficulty understanding how it works. In this post we will make it crystal clear how you can unlock the mods by using the codes in the achievements. Codes is a series of 5 gems of different grade shown in some achievements like below, we will mention later the entire list of them. Also, note that the gem codes are randomly generated so you will have to do the combinations yourself.

Find the sum of the digits in a number – C# Method

This was one of the first exercises we received during my first year of programming. I was asked about it in an interview years ago and I also found it as a programming challenge in a website. For a given number, for example 723, find the sum of its digits. In our example is 7+2+3 which is 12. To my surprise, not everyone is able to find an elegant solution. I saw many trying to convert it to string and then loop though the characters etc. Here we will provide an elegant solution based on math and how integer division is working in most programming languages, including C#.

Check if number is Prime – C# Method

Prime number or Prime is a number greater than 1 that can be divided only by 1 and itself. In other words, it can’t be formed by multiplying two other numbers. The first ten prime numbers are: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 and 29. 2 is the only even number that is prime. There are several ways to check for prime numbers and in some cases a brute force algorithm might not be a problem. If the system has restrictions or you are trying to solve a programming challenge with time restrictions then you need an algorithm that can find the answer fast. The method provided is simple and fast and used in many programming challenges with time restrictions.

Middle Earth – Shadow of War – Save Game location and how to backup and restore

Shadow of War is a very nice game that I enjoyed very much. Yet another game though that save game got corrupted and lost my progress. This is happening to almost all the latest games that I played and it is very frustrating. In this post I will show you where you can find the save game, back it up and restore it when corruption happens or when you want to revert to a previous one. Also, you will find some of my save games I was backing up while I was playing the game. This way if it happened and lost your progress without a backup, you can use one of mine.

SegWit will soon be activated on Bitcoin too

Segregated Witness, also known as SegWit, has locked in on Bitcoin it will be activated soon. This happened after many months of debates on how to scale Bitcoin and after the hard fork by some miners. SegWit will change Bitcoin in many ways. I will mention the most important ones. The blocks will store the same information in a lighter form, this will allow more transactions to be stored in a block and that means faster validation and shorter waiting times assuming the transaction number stays the same. SegWit also fixes transaction malleability which was one of the largest issues of Bitcoin since the very start. Finally, it allows the implementation of Lightning networks, networks that process transactions offline, off-chain. This will remove some of the heavy transaction load from Bitcoin.