Shadow of War is a very nice game that I enjoyed very much. Yet another game though that save game got corrupted and lost my progress. This is happening to almost all the latest games that I played and it is very frustrating. In this post I will show you where you can find the save game, back it up and restore it when corruption happens or when you want to revert to a previous one. Also, you will find some of my save games I was backing up while I was playing the game. This way if it happened and lost your progress without a backup, you can use one of mine.


The easiest way is to search for “00000666_shadowofwar.sav” without the quotes, it is the name of the save file. It might be in two different folders, one of them matters, and should be in a folder like ..\Steam\[your steam id]\356190\remote\

How to backup

The easiest is to create a folder Backups inside the remote folder and copy paste the current version of “00000666_shadowofwar.sav” there. It will be helpful to rename them with a name that you will remember the progress of that save game. Of course most of the times you will need the latest copy

How to restore

If your save game is corrupted then all you have to do is to select the save game you want to restore, most probably the latest copy, and move it back to the remote folder. Delete the old file and rename the copy back to “00000666_shadowofwar.sav” without the quotes


Middle Earth – Shadow of War – Save games

Middle Earth – Shadow of War – Save Game location and how to backup and restore