There are many news about adult companies that started accepting Bitcoin so instead of creating one post per each I decided to write only one post. There is movement in Bitcoin community and they try hard to make Bitcoin wide accepted and so far 2014 looks very promising., one of the biggest adult websites accepts Bitcoin as payment. It is not the first website with adult content that accepts Bitcoin but it is the largest one and it is very good news for both Bitcoin and its users. Instead of giving your Paypal account or credit card number you can pay with an anonymous Bitcoin wallet.

After news Verotel, an adult content payment processor, also announced that they will accept Bitcoin working with BitPay in a pilot program. The Amsterdam-based firm that is used by around 50000 companies wants to join the Bitcoin era and this is another good new for Bitcoin. The number of merchants accepting Bitcoin is increasing by the hour now. If you own a website or a web store then accept Bitcoin as payment and be the next headline in the news. Soon it will be very common to have Bitcoin as an alternative payment method and you will miss the opportunity of free advertisement.

Adult companies are accepting Bitcoin