Alexa LogoThere are many people who think that Alexa widget improves their websites to get higher Alexa rank. I am in the opposite group who believe that Alexa widgets make no difference. Some have tested it by having the widget for several days and then remove it for the same amount of days and they saw the same results for their websites. Others took a look to the code of the JavaScript that Alexa gives for putting its widgets to your site. They have noticed that it is not getting any info about the visitor such as his country – needed information for Alexa.

If you want to get a higher ranking to your website you should install Alexa toolbar or any Firefox plugin, such as SearchStatus, that sends data to Alexa about your surfing habits. If you and your visitors send data to Alexa then it will boost Alexa ranking of your website or Blog. Alexa is not accurate, not everyone has the toolbar and there are many out there who don’t want to give their surfing habits, including me. Even though I want to get a higher Alexa ranking, I don’t like the idea of someone monitoring me.

Even though Alexa ranking is not accurate, by increasing your website’s traffic you increase your Alexa ranking. The more people come and visit your website the more data Alexa will get. Lets say that 10% of the visitors have the Alexa toolbar, if you have 1.000 visits per day then 100 will report to Alexa but if you have 10.000 visits per day then 1.000 will send their data to Alexa. We consider that we have a 10% chance in both cases and the numbers make the game. I recommend you get more visitors from the blogging community, they will more likely have the Alexa toolbar installed because it also help them for getting higher ranking for their blogs.

Alexa Widget And Alexa Ranking True Relation