Anonymous were using PasteBin as a tool to post and share information they acquired or exploits they found. PasteBin was their first choice until it decided to censor its content and comply with law enforcement requests. Anonymous decided to create their own, uncensored alternative called AnonPaste. The site is based on the open source project ZeroBin. AnonPaste server has no knowledge of the pasted data. Stored data is encrypted and decrypted by the browser with 256 bits AES encryption algorithm. Anyone can paste anything anonymously just by opening the site and paste your content. The only thing you set is the expiration limit with minimum 10 minutes and no maximum. The maximum is when the website is closed or decide otherwise but until then your pasted data will be there. If you want to share your information, now there is a secure way to do this.

Source: [AnonPaste]

Anonymous create PasteBin alternative

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