AnonymousAnonymous strikes MPAA, Universal Music Group, RIAA, BMI, DoJ and many more as retaliations for the Megaupload take down. A new operation #OpMegaupload is on and hackers from all over the world show their anger against the shut down of the biggest file sharing network. Megaupload and Megavideo had a respective percentage of internet traffic and it is a huge loss for file sharing. Hackers try to coordinate their attacks against the ones responsible for Megaupload and they take down their websites mostly with DDoS attacks. Now almost every company that makes music, movies or T.V is a target. This is the first time I see so massive attacks and coordination among the hacking community. This move made many people angry and they will not stop until they see some justice. On the other hands, media companies report that the take down of their website is a minor thing regarding what they achieved with Megaupload case. Twitter is on fire about the operation #OpMegaupload.

Anonymous retaliation