In the past few month we have seen Anonymous go against law enforcement, governments, companies and organizations but we never saw them messing with drug cartels. Well, now they do and to do such thing you need some very big balls. A member of Anonymous, who was taking part to a street protest, was kidnapped by Los Zetas. Los Zetas is a Mexican drug cartel and Mexican Anonymous is now demanding that they release him or else they will reveal identities, names and addresses of syndicate’s associates. In those associates are included politicians and corrupt police. Anonymous is not only threatens to reveal associates but also syndicate’s businesses. Anonymous is not just words, they already started revealing information about the cartel. They have also defaced the website of a politician that is suspected to have connections with Los Zetas. The website is still defaced now that I am writing this post with the message “es Zeta” which means “is Zeta”.

This video is saying that the cartel made a huge mistake by taking one of them and that they should release him. The video is from Mexican Anonymous and it is in Spanish.

Source: [TheHackerNews]

Anonymous VS Mexican drug cartel