BackBox LogoBackBox Linux version 2 has been released. BackBock is based on Ubuntu and it is used (mostly) by security experts to perform penetration tests and security assessments. It is fast, easy and it has a desktop environment. There are tools for sniffing, spoofing, password cracking, vulnerability scanning, wireless analysis and more.


  • It is fast and light
    BackBox was built with maximum performance and minimum possible consumption of resources in mind.
  • It is standard compliant
    Software packaging process, configuration and tweaking of the system follow the standard guide lines of Ubuntu/Debian.
  • It is versatile
    It has a live distribution and you can work without installation or you can install it and have a desktop-oriented system. There is a set of packages that make BackBox easy and versatile.
  • Everything is in the right place
    Backbox has no unnecessary software with same functionality. Everything is organized and configuration is kept to minimum.
  • It is hacker friendly
    If you want to change or add software already in the distro you are free to do it. It is very easy, you create your own Launchpad PPA and send you package.

System Requirements:

  • 32-bit or 64-bit processor
  • 256 MB of system memory (RAM)
  • 2 GB of disk space for installation
  • Graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution
  • DVD-ROM drive or USB port

Source: [BackBox]

BackBox Linux 2 – A must-have for security experts