I was waiting for something like this one but even so I am very surprised. Cyber Inteligence Sharing and Protection Act is the new Internet bill, after SOPA and PIPA failed, which protects companies and blames Internet users for any copyrighted material. Big Internet companies prefer that bill because they care only for themselves and not for their users. The White House, after reviewing the bill, decided that will endanger Americans’ privacy and released official warning for a veto against CISPA. The statement claims that it will endanger user’s privacy, CISPA will shield companies from liability and grands NSA more power that it needs. Using web browsers which provides anonymity or encrypting your emails will be considered as a threat according to CISPA proposal. SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and CISPA are strong enough to censor and eventually destroy Internet. Don’t be afraid to say your opinion and show to your government that you want your privacy. It is very positive that The White House is supporting the American citizens and opposites CISPA.

Bad news for CISPA, good news for us