Anyone can bypass iPhone’s lock screen even if a password is set with a number of simple steps. This is for the latest platform iOS 6.1. Apple promised to fix this bug in the next release and iPhone users wish it is the last one that can be found that bypasses the lock screen as it is very important. There is a video that demonstrates that if you don’t want to read and follow the instructions. Happy unlocking.

Steps to follow to unlock the screen (from the source video):

First part:
-Go to emergency call, push down the power button and tap cancel.
-Dial 112 and tap green and immediately red.
-Go to lock screen.

Ok…ready for second part:
-Go to pass-code screen.
-Keep pushing down the power button …1…2…3…seconds and before showing the slider “turn off”…tap the emergency call button and …voilá!
-Then without releasing the power button press the home button and ready…

Bypass iPhone lock screen with iOS 6.1

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