Decipher this – 003

Previous ciphers are easier than this one but easy is not challenge. I suggest that you try yo decipher previous ciphers before this one to get an idea what is going on. Don’t send me email with the answer, just leave a comment. I try to encode small messages to make it a bit easier for you. This will keep you busy and I will not post more ciphers until at least three of you find the answer. Do you know that with exercise you can increase your IQ by about 35%? Force your brain to work harder and achieve greater mind fitness.

Find the numbers – 002

There are two kinds of people, the ones who like numbers and the ones who hate numbers. This challenge is for those who like numbers. This one will keep you busy for some time. Try to find the 10 digit number X0X1X2X3X4X5X6X7X8X9 so that the each X shows the times its number appears in the 10 digit number. X0 shows how many times 0 appears in the number, X3 shows how many times 3 appears in the number and so on. The difficulty of this is about 60/100 so let me know if you like it and if you want more difficult problems. After you find it, post it in a comment.

Decipher This – 002

I like ciphers and I decided to give you one more. It is easier than the first cipher but every cipher has its own beauty. As an answer I like you to give me only one word and not the entire deciphered text. You will understand which one after you decipher the message. You don’t need to know which cipher this is in order to decipher the message. Enough with the introduction, the encrypted message is the following. Tell me the word you believe is the answer in a comment.

Calculations 001

A friend of mine tried to challenge me yesterday with this one but I can say that it can be barely called a challenge. It took me less than a minute to figure it out and make him very disappointed. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a mathematician to solve this. If you find the answer post it and I will let you know if it was the correct one. Also, if you have a difficult problem, cipher or puzzle you are very welcome to contact me and if I like it I will post it in my challenges. You don’t even need to have the solution and even if you have it don’t give it to me. I like to be challenged so challenge me.

Find the numbers – 001

A wise man whispers a number to each of his three apprentices, Alice, Bob and Carol. All numbers are integers larger than zero. Wise man tells to them that the sum of their numbers is 14 and ask them in order if they know all three numbers. Alice responds that she does not know the numbers but she knows that Bob and Carol have different numbers. Bob responds that he does not know but, even before hearing Alice response, he knew that all of them have different number. After hearing both responses, Carol says that she knows all three numbers. Which numbers have the three apprentices?

New Category Created

Hacker Glider

I am starting a new category called “Challenges”. In this category I will post some challenges (Yes, I know that it is obvious!) that I have found on the Internet in the past few years and some new (I hope). I have solved most of them and I enjoyed it a lot. Some people do not appreciate the solving process and how much you can gain from it. The more difficult the problem the more satisfaction you get. It is not only about the satisfaction but I have learned several things while solving them and most of them were very valuable