Best coin ever spent

There are times when you spend money on something and you say it was money well spent. When I watched this video I was happily surprised, that is really the best coin ever spent. There is a street musician and when a little girl puts a coin in his hat then the magic begins and everyone around is watching and listening this amazing show. I don’t want to ruin it with more words, just watch the video and enjoy the show.

Box Keeper

Box Keeper Icon

Box Keeper is a very popular and addictive puzzle game. It is a Sokoban implementation in C# for Windows. The player can push the boxes and he should move them to specific locations. Sokoban was created in 1981 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi and since then it is implemented in a plethora of platforms including computers, video game consoles and digital cameras. Solving the levels is challenging but the real challenge is to solve them with the minimum number of moves. Box Keeper v1.0 contains the original 50 levels and their difficulty increases almost based on their order. Theoretically, there is an unlimited undo and redo functionality in Box Keeper to help you save time.

Pot Pigs: The new definition for party animals

Washington legalized marijuana about a year ago and people found many usages, some of them really unique. A pig farmer feeds his pigs with marijuana, cannabis leaf trim. Customers say that the meat tastes ‘more savoury’ and they even make pre-orders to taste it. The Pop Pigs, as he calls them, eat marijuana during the last two months of their lives. According to the farmer, pigs gain weight faster with this unusual diet of cannabis leaf, vodka and beer. His customers love the flavor of the fat and they keep coming for more. He even noticed that the pigs get stoned and they are lying around, similar to human stoners. I would taste this bacon if I had the chance !



BubblePop is a fun and addictive bubble pop game to entertain children and at the same time make them smarter. It is a clone of BubbleBurst with added options and colors to help (red-green) colorblind people to distinguish the bubbles. As I watch people playing, I noticed that at first they just click the bubbles but of course unless they are very lucky they fail. The second time they do the same but they are more careful. After few times they create a plan to finish the game successfully. It is not chess but it is a good and funny way to make you think before you act.

RPG Excel Game

I have found an RPG game that Gary Walkin, an accountant, made in Excel. The graphics are poor but its Excel not flash. There is also storyline and bosses every few levels. I tried it and it works in both Excel 2007 and 2010 but not on the Mac version. There are 2000 enemies that appear randomly, 4 different endings based on the choices the player makes, 36 achievements, 31 spells and 15 unique items. I am glad that someone used his knowledge to create a game even if he is not a programmer. I played it few times but in order to do it you need to enable editing of the file. Also, range attacks do not work so don’t bother, but enemies can use them! Of course there are bugs like any other game. Download and enjoy your Excel for the first time.

Free soda from vending machines

I really want to try this but for now I will just post it. Of course after a successful or not try I will give the money to the machine. I don’t show it for you to have free drinks but to gain the knowledge on how to do it easily. I found it mostly funny and entertaining. It reminded me a trick I was doing with a billiard when I was kid. I enjoy seeing ways to hack machines to do something they are not supposed to. Enjoy the video and note that it is not legal to do it.

Best proposal of 2012

We have seen a lot of proposals in TV showing new, romantic and clever ways to propose. This video is a real proposal and it is far better than anything on TV, at least of what I have seen. I had this video since September but I was waiting till the end of the world, correction, the end of the year to post it to be sure it is the best for 2012. Now, we are finally two days before the 2012 say goodbye and I don’t believe that I will see another proposal video and if I do, I will post a comment. Enjoy watching the video and let me know if you find better or similar proposals.

Creative photo by Charley Elmaga


From time to time I post a photograph that is beautiful, unusual and inspiring. Last time it was a beautiful lightning shot by Bertrand Kulik. This time is a photograph by Charley Elmaga that shows 2 burning matches that resembles two humans, a king and a servant bending in front of the king. At least this is the first thing I thought when I looked at it. Maybe I was influenced by the “Game of Thrones” series. In any way, it is an inspired and innovative photo.

Math Metal

If you listen to metal then you probably know death metal, heavy metal and any other metal subcategories. Some of you also know a band named HIM that tried to create Love Metal but with no success. Now, a new metal arrives and they call it Math Metal. With lyrics “the proportion is divine” and “the ratio defined” the song is very powerful. If you like numbers or metal you should listen to this song, if you love both, then it is a must. I admit that I liked it but I also found it amusing and I wanted to share it with you.