I have found an RPG game that Gary Walkin, an accountant, made in Excel. The graphics are poor but its Excel not flash. There is also storyline and bosses every few levels. I tried it and it works in both Excel 2007 and 2010 but not on the Mac version. There are 2000 enemies that appear randomly, 4 different endings based on the choices the player makes, 36 achievements, 31 spells and 15 unique items. I am glad that someone used his knowledge to create a game even if he is not a programmer. I played it few times but in order to do it you need to enable editing of the file. Also, range attacks do not work so don’t bother, but enemies can use them! Of course there are bugs like any other game. Download and enjoy your Excel for the first time.

Download Arena 1.0

RPG Excel Game

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