Not grandma, not again

Did you skip work with your grandma as an excuse? Did you do that even though it wasn’t true or more than once? This funny video, which is an ad, shows a grandma dies six times, every time with a unique way, but at least it looks painless and instant. The purpose of the ad is to promote the job finding website in order for people to find a job that they want to go and do not use grandma as an excuse. Of course, the death of a close person like grandma is very sad but if you don’t want to go to work there is a plethora of other excuses you can use, not grandma, not again. When I was in the army, someone used this excuse three times, even though both of his grandmas were alive.

Amazing water illusion

I like science and the cool things you can do with it like chemical reactions and Tesla coils. This video belongs to that category, the cool science. It is an experiment that uses two regular things, water and sound. I bet you have both of them in your house and you can do this on your own. The experiment is very simple but very impressive. Based on the frequency of the woofer you see the water drops frozen or moving backwards into the tube. Stop reading and press play to watch the video.

Titanic Super 3D

You can now watch the trailer of the new, enhanced Titanic movie with super 3D technology. I have watched it five days ago but I was too busy sending it to my friends via email that I forgot to post it. The new Titanic Super 3D is an enhancement with additions from several directors and it is the product of the combination of many great minds in the movie business. It uses the latest technologies in 3D and real effects that will amaze you. This is the funniest video I have watched this month. You don’t need 3D glasses to watch the trailer. I recommend you keep your mouth empty, do not drink or eat while watching this trailer because it is a great hazard. It has over twelve million views in a week. Enjoy.

Peter likes Galaxy Note

Peter is not a friend of mine, he is not even human, he is an elephant and a very smart one. He uses Galaxy Note to play musical instruments, draw things and take pictures. This is the second Galaxy Note commercial I post but I don’t do it for Samsung. I just found it very funny and if that was the purpose of the ad then they succeeded. I love to see strange gamers and this is not the first time we see one in this website, if you missed the Bearded Dragon playing games on a smart phone visit Strange Gamer and watch that too. The link was sent to me via email but YouTube says that it is from Mashable and I like giving credits. Enjoy the video and wait for the next strange gamer.

Siri – The Horror Movie trailer

You have heard a lot about Siri and how amazing is and how helpful. Some of you might even have an iPhone with Siri and talk to her every day. But what if Siri is not as friendly as you think she is. What if the next update change her and make her something scary, something… deadly? You should watch this trailer of the horror movie about Siri. After watching this video, you will change you mind about Siri and next time that it will ask for upgrade you will think again. I don’t want to scare you, watch the trailer and Beware the upgrade.

Fishes like laser

People enjoy watching funny animal videos and usually videos with cats or dogs. I prefer posting funny videos of other animals because you haven’t seen hundreds of those. You can watch goat massage, the crow that loves sledding, the strange gamer that plays games on smart phone and a sloth crossing the street. This one is about fishes that for a strange reason they like laser and they are chasing a laser pointer. The puffer fish is loving laser more than others but the small ones chasing it too. The laser of the video is attached to a gun but this doesn’t make the video less funny.

Goat Massage

Another funny video with animals, but this time with goats. After watching this video I am convinced that anyone can do a massage. No, I am not serious, there are a lot of injuries reported due to unprofessional massage. It is funny to watch but don’t try it at home, especially with larger animals. Also, goats are playing around and not massaging the man in the video although it is funny that looks that way. Enjoy the video and leave your commends to inform me if you like it or not.

Before and After transformation in 5 hours

How many time you have watched TV commercials about body fitness products with before and after photos and you were convinced that their product works? This video will show you that you can be tricked to believe anything. It shows an extreme transformation which happens in five hours. If you just see the before and after pictures of the video you imagine that it took months of strict diet and exercise but in reality it took only five hours and a lot of junk food. As you can see it is easier to take the after photo before and the before image after. Watch the video which will make you question everything you have ever watched and you will see in the future.

Samsung new funny commercial

I have seen several Samsung commercials but this one is the funniest. It was shown during the Super Bowl to introduce Galaxy Note and of course make fun of Apple. During Super Bowl several technology ads are shown and most of them are very funny and it is the reason some people are watching it. The surprise in the face of Apple fanboys when they see the Galaxy Note is amazing. I also enjoyed the song in the ad, it is I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness. Galaxy Notes are falling to the hands of Apple fanboys while they are waiting for the next big thing and it frees them from the line. Some thing that this was immature by Samsung but I think those are very serious and they can’t enjoy the humor between companies. When I see people get angry with commercials like this one makes me curious about the reason, if you are not the CEO of the company or you don’t have shares then why are you getting angry?

A crow that loves sledding

If you think that only humans loves snow and sports you are mistaken. Watch this crow sledding and loving it. It is not happened accidentally, it repeatedly goes sledding again and again and it appears to be excited about it. If you like funny animal video you will love this one. Watch it now because the previous video I had was blocked by YouTube and it might block this one too. Maybe the crow appeared in this video doesn’t like publicity and goes after the one that upload its video on YouTube. Stay tuned for more funny videos.