I have seen several Samsung commercials but this one is the funniest. It was shown during the Super Bowl to introduce Galaxy Note and of course make fun of Apple. During Super Bowl several technology ads are shown and most of them are very funny and it is the reason some people are watching it. The surprise in the face of Apple fanboys when they see the Galaxy Note is amazing. I also enjoyed the song in the ad, it is I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness. Galaxy Notes are falling to the hands of Apple fanboys while they are waiting for the next big thing and it frees them from the line. Some thing that this was immature by Samsung but I think those are very serious and they can’t enjoy the humor between companies. When I see people get angry with commercials like this one makes me curious about the reason, if you are not the CEO of the company or you don’t have shares then why are you getting angry? I don’t watch TV because I don’t like commercials but ads like this one (and several banned ones) are funny to watch. Enjoy the video and sing the song!


Samsung new funny commercial