Google introduced Dart, a structured web programming language to be used instead of JavaScript. Dart was introduced as an easy-to-learn language for high-performance applications. You can execute your Dart apps on a native virtual machine, this is the way to gain the high performance. There is an alternative way to run Dart apps, you can use a compiler to translate Dart code to JavaScript and then use it as a javascript app.

This is how the Hello World app looks like in Dart:

    print('Hello, World!');

If you choose the second option, to execute your apps by translating your code into JavaScript, in order have full browser support then you should know that you don’t have to learn Dart. You can either learn JavaScript or if you don’t like it, you can to the same thing with Java. If this is news for you and you already know java then take a look at GWT (Google Web Toolkit). You can write services, client code, server code using eclipse and Java and then with a single click you can generate your AJAX app.

If Dart is used to make rich Internet applications then AJAX will be renamed to ADAX?

Source: [GoogleCodeBlog]

Dart – JavaScript alternative