Far Cry 4 is released and I started playing about a week ago. I searched for cheats and I didn’t find anything, maybe I didn’t spent that much time searching. Usually, I use the cheats to make the game funnier, like letting everyone surround me and throw a grenade on my feet. This time I was tired of pressing buttons to prevent animals from eating me! While searching I remembered that there was a magical file in Far Cry 3 that you can edit and have godmode and unlimited info so I did the same and it worked.

If you read this it means that you already played it and you want to have cheats so I will get to the point. Follow the following simple instructions and you will have God mode and/or unlimited ammo (for PC). It is the same process with Far Cry 3 that I posted months ago.

1. Locate the GamerProfile.xml file in the Documents > My Games > Far Cry 4

2. Open it with Notepad, Wordpad or any editor of your choice

3. Find the line <GameProfile /> and replace it with <GameProfile UnlimitedAmmo=”1″ GodMode=”1″ />

4. Save the file then right click on it, click on properties, check the Read-only box and click Apply. This will lock the changes otherwise you will have to change it every time you save the settings (Save from main menu).

To disable any of the options instead of 1 (enabled) you put 0 (disabled).

Please be careful, the file starts with GamerProfile not GameProfile, one letter makes huge difference. The line you need to change is about in the middle of the document.

Make the change after you set up all other options about graphics and controls. If you make the file read-only and then try to Save afterwords, the game will crash. Saving progress is not affected, I am playing for 3 days with the godmode and I didn’t have any issues.

Far Cry 4 Cheats: GodMode and Unlimited Ammo without trainer