People nowadays use the best tool to hunt and find victims, the Internet. This includes thieves, pedophiles and all sort of bad people you can think of. Several months ago I read about a thief that was searching facebook to find who are away from home in order to break into their houses. People, without thinking the consequences, tell to everybody who is using facebook that they will be on another country via status updates. They might also have in their profile where they live or that can be easily found from all the other info in their profile. If you tell someone that you are not home for days then you make it very easy to come and rob you. This is just an example and there are many more.

Online predators belong to the category of bad people who use Internet as a tool to find targets. If the target is an adult then he/she can make the choice and meet or do whatever, I leave this to the people logic and if they found to be a victim then its their fault. But what happens when the target is a little girl and we all know that children don’t tend to be very suspicious. You can’t (or won’t) tell to your son not to use a website even if it is for his own good because most probably he will not listen. Someone from Quebec, who is a father of two young girls, found a way to make it a safer place by exposing those predators.

He created a facebook page called “Contre les cyber-predateurs du Quebec” wich means Against cyber predators in Quebec. There, he exposes online predators and this is how he is doing it. He created an account and he pretends to be a 13-year old girl. Men talk to that imaginary girl and some of them offer sexual favours. Those men are most of the times in their 20’s. Someone even offered sexual favours after only two minutes of discussion. This man then arrange a meeting with the predator and his friends film the meeting and post it on the page.

Father exposes online predators