Several months ago I have written a post, with some history in it, about Mac and Trojan Horses. That post was about Flashback too (Flashback.C), a modification of the original Flashback. I bet that some Mac users didn’t get the memo or they still think that viruses and trojans are only for PC users. Today more than 600.000 Macs are infected with Flashback (original and variations), that’s a 6 followed by many zeros. Flashback.I spreads through infected sites exploiting Java vulnerabilities. When a user visits one of the infected sites a JavaScript loads a Java applet which infects user’s system. After Flashback is installed to a system, it injects malicious code into web browsers and other applications in order to gather user information and passwords.

You can identify and delete (manually) Flashback.I by following the instructions given by F-Secure in Flashback’s threat page. F-Secure warns the users that the process is risky and it is recommended only for advanced users. If you follow the steps you should be fine and with one trojan less in your system. I wish this time Mac users will understand that no-one is safe and stop being brainwashed.

Flashback infected about 600000 Macs