There are many Google funny things and Easter eggs, some of them are described in the Funny Google Stuff article. Google has also useful stuff like the calculator which can calculate almost any equation. For example you can search for 3+5*5-2 and gives you 26 as a result (3 + (5 * 5) – 2 = 26) before the search results. Also you can convert currency, for example I searched for 200 usd to eur and it gave me as a result 200 U.S. dollars = 148.776315 Euros. This is a very fast and easy way to calculate things. But Google does not stop, it continues to add functionality and now it shows graphs. If you want to see how the graph of x^3 looks like, you just search for x^3 and you see almost instantly the result graph. You can also compare graphs, for example if you search for x^3, ln(x), x^2 – 3x you will get the 3 graphs in the same result each one with different color.

Google search now draws graphs