Binary PeopleHackers do what they do best, hack. Some of them hack police websites, some hack companies and some others hack other hackers (or at least their websites). CSL Security, an Anonymous hacker, announced that he found a vulnerability at Metropolitan UK Police website and he infiltrated using SQL Injection. Anonymous hackers hack because they believe in the freedom of information, known as Antisec.

Few hours later, the website of the CSL Security was hacked by TeamPoison. Even now that I am writing this pos the site is still modified and it has the message of the TeamPoison. The message is “CSLSecurity = Cant Stop Laughing Security?….. oh the irony… DDoSing Random Sites does _NOT_ make you hackers.” and they also added the members of that team “TeaMp0isoN: TriCk – iN^SaNe – Hex00010 – MLT – C0RPS3 – BlackHacker”. There are many reasons to hack someone and obviously TeamPoison did this to prove that they are better hackers than CSL Security.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy reading these news. I may not support some activities but they are really interesting. This was not the first time that one team hacked another team’s website. Hackers also hacked the anonplus website, a social network for hackers.

Hack Wars