According to Facebook, 600.000 logins every 24 hours are hackers that gain access to victims’ accounts. Once a hacker gains access to an account he can see all private information stored on victim’s account including photos and emails. He can add friends, send private messages and write on the wall. Usually, hackers post links on the victim’s wall to product and services that will give them profit if someone clicks and/or buy them. If the 600.000 hacks are unique every day (which are not most probably) in about 4 years everyone’s account will be hacked.

This issue is very serious for both Facebook and its users. Facebook is trying to eliminate this but the numbers are not with their side so far. The weakest link is the people, almost 30% use the same password for all of their accounts. If a hacker find out the password of one account he can gain access to the other accounts with the same password. This is vary scary and some continue to use the same password even after they learn about this because they are too lazy to memorize more passwords or use a program to remember the passwords for them.

There is a plethora of techniques that a hacker can use to find your password. The easiest is to send you a Keylogger or a Trojan Horse and find it when you type it. In this case you must be careful from where you download software/games/screen savers or from whom. The other technique is called phishing, the hacker sends an email claiming to be Facebook, a bank or any other serious company with a link to a website that belongs to them but looks like the website of the company they claim they are from. The victim visits that website and inserts his password voluntarily.

I apologize to the hackers for using the term just like anyone else on the web. Nowadays, everyone is called hacker. Few years ago we had hackers, phreakers, crackers, spammers and categories that I don’t remember now (or know). Even my editor is underlying some of the words.

Hackers love hacking Facebook accounts

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