I have found that browsers refuse to refresh the favicon. With simple refresh (F5) I could understand the unwillingness because browsers tend to use cache for faster page loading. After forcing cache refresh (Ctrl+F5), I had the new content but not the favicon, that “very large” file. I didn’t want to clear my browser’s cache since I had “stuff” that I wanted. In order to change it manually, you have to refresh the file yourself. Insert the url address of the favicon you want to refresh into your browser, in most cases is http://domain/favicon and it will show you the icon, most probably the old one. Here we are, now press refresh and see it change. After verify that the path shows the new icon, go back to the domain and voila, the new favicon (I hope).

In some cases webmasters instead of “favicon.ico”, they use “favicon.ico?”. In this case when you put the url path of the icon you should include the “?” or if you want to be sure, refresh both urls. If after these steps you still see the old favicon and you are positive that you have uploaded the new one and replaced the old one, feel free to contact me by using the contact form.

How to refresh the favicon manually