IBM predicts five innovations that can change the world within five years. The following five predictions can transform the aspects of our lives and make earth a smarter planet. This year predictions are people power will come to life, you will never need a password again, mind reading is no longer science fiction, the digital device will cease to exist and junk mail will become priority mail. Those five innovations are this year’s predictions from IBM. Some of their predictions come true, including two of the last year 5 in 5. The one that I vote for is the first one, people power will come to life. This one will help us gather energy from everywhere and will result in a much greener place to live. You can visit official site where you can see a small video for each innovation and vote the one you like the most. You can find the link in the source below.

Source: [ASmarterPlanet]

IBM predicts the near future with 5 in 5