Apple invented a new technology that will be able to switch off camera and wi-fi from iPhone remotely. This is to be used for when people enter a “sensitive area”. It basically broadcasts a signal and when iPhone receives it, it will shut down features or entirely. For some of us this is not an issue since I never bought and I will never buy Apple device if they keep overcharge everything. And they of course continue do it since there are many people paying. To our subject, those are not rumors, there is a patent filled by Apple titled “Apparatus and methods for enforcement of policies upon a wireless device“. I would be happy to write a blog post that hackers copied or simulate the signal and they are able to shut down features in all iPhones. I am not mean, it is just so predictable, hackers will try that or even find a vulnerability to exploit such feature. This would also apply for any company that will apply such technology to their devices and not only Apple.

iPhone to be controled remotely by authorities