Japan authorities ask from internet service providers to block access to Tor network. Tor is a web service that help users to surf the internet anonymously without the fear that prying eyes are watching them and police use their internet activity against them. It is a way to make internet users to feel some kind of freedom and of course police is not happy about it and they started making efforts to block it. You might think that it is Japan and it doesn’t affect you but this is not true. If Japan authorities block Tor then other countries will do the same, this is happening always. Authorities will always want to be the big brother and monitor our activities and they do so by lying to us that they are doing it for our security. Most of the citizens believe it because it is based on truth but it is not their goal. ISPs should care about their customers and try to fight such requests from police and  any authorities asking to sacrifice their client’s freedom.

Japan authorities try to block Tor

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