You do know the story about the Trojan Horse, don’t you? Here is the summary of the story. During the Troy war and after a long and unsuccessful siege, Greeks found this clever plan. They left a big wooden horse outside the Troy walls as a victory trophy and they got into their ships and they pretended to sail away. That nasty horse had Greek men inside and Trojans pulled it inside the city walls. During the night Greeks sailed back and the men that were inside the horse opened the gates and you can imagine (if you don’t already know) the result.

Nowadays hackers do the same thing but instead of a horse they leave for you an innocent file such as game, program, crack and screen saver. You open that file without knowing what lies beneath and you open the gates of Dante’s inferno. Those programs are called Trojan Horses or for simplicity Trojans and in most cases they target Windows OS. Mac user feel safe but they are not.

Recently a new trojen discovered called Flashback.C which is a modification of the original Flashback Trojan. In just one sentence we have two Trojan Horses, imagine how many more are out there. This one (Flashback.C) appears as a Flash player installer (and not a horse) and it disables XProtect’s automatic updates. XProtect is a build-in anti-malware software on Apple’s OS X.

Mac and Trojan Horses