Anti-virus companies are doing a (very) good job at detecting malware in our computers but hackers are always one step ahead. Some users think that having an anti-malware software on their computers are safe and some others think that they don’t even need them because they are very carefull on what they download. For both categories, the reason they believe that is ignorance which is sometimes a bless but not in this case. Many malwares are injected to your system by a method called drive-by download or drive-by-installation. Malwares can be installed to your computer by just opening a malicious email or visiting a website. Recently security researches at Kaspersky lab discovered a malware that it does not even create any files on your hard drive and thus can not be found by (most of) anti-malware programs. It is injected in your RAM with the drive-by download method by exploiting a Java vulnerability and you are infected while your computer is not shutting down.

Malware in your RAM