Microsoft is giving the highest bounty to hackers and security experts if they find vulnerabilities and exploits in its new Windows 8.1, a major update to Microsoft’s latest operating system. Valid submissions of serious vulnerabilities that come also with ideas to defend Windows will be able to get the BlueHat bonus which is $50.000 but they very hard to find. It is clear that Microsoft is very serious about security, they also give up to $11.000 for Internet Explorer 11 preview in Windows 8.1 preview. Preview means that it is beta version and it is not yet finalized to be released. Microsoft is the first company to give bounty for hacking software in beta version and it is doing it to ensure that their stable release will be as secure as possible. Researches tend to hide the vulnerabilities they find in preview version and they publish them as soon as the final version is released. Also, this is a big exposure for Windows 8.1 and a very good way to advertise it. Well played Microsoft.

Microsoft is giving $100.000 to hack Windows 8.1