IE6 BanThere are hundreds of articles and blog posts that mention the obvious, Internet Explorer 6 is the least secure web browser. People, through ignorance or not understanding the risks, still using this old and insecure web browser to surf the Internet. Microsoft is aware of that and it tries to make people understand the risks of using the decade old browser and the need to upgrade their web browser. This is the last year that Microsoft allows its users to use IE6 and in January it will force them to update it. XP users will be updated to IE8 and Vista users to IE9. There is a website that shows the countdown of Internet Explorer 6 usage which is now about 8.3%. The purpose of that site is to watch IE6 usage drop to 1%. Most of the IE6 users in both percentage and total number are in China. Instead of upgrading IE6 I recommend that you delete it entirely and replace it with Firefox.

Microsoft wants the death of Internet Explorer 6