StoreDot created a mobile charger that can charge your smartphone in 30 seconds. A main issue in today’s mobile phones (smart phones) is that battery discharges really fast and it takes time to charge it. Some of my friends charge their smart phones every day and if they are lucky they do it at night. Some times they run out of battery during the day with no access to charger. This new charger will make their life easier. I don’t speak for myself because I prefer do avoid using it all the time and I disable any useless (for me) options like 3G and GPS. With this I charge it every 3-4 days and I am fine with this. No matter how you use your phone, it is good news that you will be able to charge it under a minute. Currently this charger is a prototype and only for Samsung Galaxy 4 but they plan to support any smartphone when they release it. Also, they estimate the price to be around $30 which is in my opinion a fair price. Watch the demo video.

Mobile charger that fully charges your smartphone in 30 seconds

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