I’ve been using Arvixe as hosting provider for more than a year and I had problems since day one. At first support was very good and they were responding fast. After few months, I saw all kind of errors, 404, 500, 503 and more. Support was delaying to answer and by then they couldn’t find the issues. A couple of months ago I had 2 tickets opened for almost a month without response. After this month I got an email, I was happy that finally someone will help me with my issues. The email was that they closed all tickets due to huge number and to open again if it is critical. Not helpful at all. The huge number of support tickets doesn’t make me feel better, but worse. It only means that it is not only me with problems but a lot of others. After that I created a new ticket, irrelevant with the previous ones to a department which I believe there are not many issues, the SSL. What can go wrong with the certificates? And it’s been nine days and I am still waiting for a response. I tried online chat but they keep updating the ticket, I don’t know if they do but nevertheless, I don’t have a reply. The level of confidence for their service is around zero. It’s been around a month when I decided to move away from them, horrible servers with horrible support. Make a favor to yourself and do not choose Arvixe as hosting provider, you will regret it!

Move away from Arvixe – Horrible support

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