Overstock.com is a very big retailer and CEO told to The Financial Times that they plan to accept Bitcoin as a payment in 2014. After the announcement, the shares of the company jumped 7.77% in one day. They plan to be the first major online retailer that will accept Bitcoin but this will not happen until the second half of 2014. When this will happen the Bitcoin prices will jump to a new high and it will be more popular than it is now. Charities and several websites accept Bitcoin for donations and it looks like the digital currency gains more popularity every day.

I was planning to post many Bitcoin articles since I personally support Bitcoin. I mine it, I trade it and I will try to be a part on the effort to make it more popular. You will see many posts here related to Bitcoin and digital currencies. If this is the first time you hear about Bitcoin the watch this video, read about it and buy now before big retailers accept it and the price jumps.

Overstock.com plans to accept Bitcoin in 2014