I couldn’t have a category science (even in news) and not posting this one. Quantum Levitation, it is amazing. The video is from Association of Science – Technology Centers (ASTC) 2011. The group that shows this is the superconductivity group from Tel-Aviv university (school of physics and astronomy). It shows a superconductor locked in a magnetic field. I have watched this video three times and then I searched more and I have found the next video which is even cooler.

Another video from Quantum Levitation site shows quantum levitation in action. The magnetic field that is produced by the magnet is locked inside the superconductor and the superconductor disc is levitated. The¬†phenomenon is called ‘Quantum Trapping’. The trapped disc was cooled with liquid nitrogen which is necessary for this effect. This video is not as popular as the first one but it is better, it shows more examples and explains the physics.

Quantum Levitation – Quantum Trapping

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