The history of transistors is very interesting, about fifty years old and it is coming to an end. Scientists have created a single-atom controllable transistor and as they told us it can’t get any smaller.The team that created the smallest transistor ever has researchers from University of New South Wales, Purdue University and the University of Melbourne. That transistor is engineered from a single phosphorus and shows that electronic components can be engineered very very small. Some say that it is the end of Moore’s Law too because if they can successfully create processors with one atom transistors it will dramatically increase the number of transistors in a processor. This will not happened in the next few years because it is very difficult to manufacture such chips and single-atom transistor must be kept cold, in temperature of minus 196 Celsius. This technology can lead to smaller processors and this means also thinner products.

Source: [Purdue Newsroom]

Single-atom transistor