FolditScientists were trying to solve the mystery behind a protein which is the key for the development of AIDS. They were trying for a decade without any results and then a company decided (2008) to create a game named “Foldit”. Foldit is an online game where users fold proteins and create different shapes according to some basic rules. Gamers managed to¬†decipher the structure of that key protein in three weeks and now the research for AIDS and HIV has a bright future.

Foldit is not only for AIDS, it is also for Cancer and Alzheimer. It is developed by the scientists at the University of Washington. They found a way to turn real scientific problems into puzzle games. If you think why scientists need human beings and can’t solve the puzzles with computers the answer is simple, spatial reasoning. Computers are not good at spatial reasoning, at least not yet and people are.

If you want to play (puzzle) games on your free time then choose Foldit. You will enjoy your time playing and at the same time help scientists find cure to AIDS, Cancer and Alzheimer. It is available for all most common operation systems, Windows, OS X and Linux.

Source: [PC Mag]

Solve Puzzles in the Name of Science

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