Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is not welcome by internet users. Some companies support it and some are against it. After GoDaddy announced its support to SOPA, thousands domain names moved from GoDaddy to other domain registrars. I found many coupons from hosting companies that are offering discounts if you leave GoDaddy and go to them due to GoDaddy’s SOPA support. While I was checking the reviews from those companies to leave GoDaddy the company officially announced that they changed its mind and it is now against SOPA. So I will stay with GoDaddy for now because they understood that their customers don’t like SOPA.

After the announcement of GoDaddy that it changed its mind, we saw several similar announcements from the top game companies. Sony Electronics, Nintendo and Electronic ArtsĀ pulled their support for SOPA and they are now against it. People don’t like thatĀ online bill, people are the customers and if companies support it they will loose customers. You loose customers, you loose money and companies don’t want that. Companies realize that it is better to keep their customers happy instead of supporting an online bill that encourages online censorship.

SOPA supporters change their mind