CassiniSpacecraft Cassini took a photo during its journey and five moons of Saturn are in it. On the left side of the photo and 179 kilometers across is Janus. Next moon from the left, the smallest in the picture and about in the center is Pandora, 81 kilometers across. It appears to be in the ring but actually is between the A and F rings. (If you try to remember why the name Pandora is so familiar, then most probably it is from her box.) After Pandora we see Enceladus, the bright one in the center and 504 kilometers across. After Enceladus is Mimas, about 396 kilometers across. Finally, at the right end of the picture we see Rhea, 1.528 kilometers across, the second largest moon of Saturn. The moon nearest to Cassini is Rhea with a distance of about 1.1 million kilometers. Enceladus isĀ 1.8 million kilometers away from Cassini. They may look small in the picture but the scale is 7 kilometers per pixel on Rhea and 11 kilometers per pixel on Enceladus. This image was taken on July 29, 2011. Click on image to enlarge and enjoy.

Source: [NASA]

The Moons of Saturn in a Photo