Microsoft has default maintenance tasks running without you even knowing about them. One is running when the system is idle and the other by default every day at 03:00. This second one is very annoying and it causes many strange problems and behavior. If your computer is waking up is because of this scheduled task and another setting that I will tell you in a next post how to disable. In this post I will explain how to disable those maintenance tasks for those who doesn’t like them.

Three easy steps to disable the maintenance scheduled tasks:

Step 1: Open Task Schedule

If you don’t know where to find it search for Schedule tasks in Settings (not in apps) and you will find it.

Step 2: Find maintenance tasks

Navigate to the following path inside task scheduler (left side): Task Scheduler > Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > TaskScheduler

Step 3: Disable maintenance tasks

Right click on Idle Maintenance and select disable from the menu.

That’s it, you have just disabled the annoying scheduled maintenance tasks. If you follow the same process and instead of disable you choose enable you can re-enable the tasks.

Windows 8: Disable Maintenance Tasks