Happy birthday to Wolfenstein 3D which is now 20 years old. Twenty years ago, 5 May 1992, Wolfenstein 3D was released. It was the first first person shooter (FPS) and this is how the era of FPS games began. It was this game that started it all. To celebrate the 20 years of Wolfenstein 3D they have created a website (source link) where you can play the game (for free) from your browser. It might be a little difficult to play (for those that never played it) but just keep in mind that it is a DOS game that was released in 1992. If you don’t even know DOS (and no, we don’t mean Denial of Service here) then you are too young or too ignorant and please leave this page immediately. For those about to play the game, we salute you.

Source: [Wolfenstein]

Wolfenstein 3D is 20 years old

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