About a month ago we mentioned in a post that Microsoft will earn $444 millions from Android patent agreements. Microsoft has won another battle in the Android patent war and it now has its tenth licence agreement. The newest agreement is with Compal, a Taiwanese company with about $28 billions annual revenue. Big news for Microsoft which now has agreements with more than 50% of the companies who produce Android devices (about 55%).

Patent war is not over and in my opinion we will hear more about this in the near future. Google is trying to protect Android and the companies that create Android devices by purchasing patents but Microsoft has the upper hand here. Google is relatively a new company compared with Microsoft and Apple and both those companies are fighting Google. In addition, their patent arsenal is bigger than Google’s. Google is a great company which offers hundreds of services, Android is a great OS and I hope it will survive the war.

Source: [TechNet]

Another Microsoft Patent Agreement for Android