JavaFX is a platform for developing rich client applications and also rich internet applications (RIA). With JavaFX 2.0 you can create JavaFX applications completely with Java code. This was not able with the previous version and it was a main reason why many developers didn’t choose JavaFX for their applications. Now you write the application and then you can deploy it as a desktop application or as a web application.

In JavaFX 2.0 you can use FXML, a new XML-based markup language, to define the user interface. Version 2.0 has also a new graphics engine to handle modern GPUs and a new media engine based on the GStreamer multimedia framework.

You can view samples if you have installed Java Engine to your system. There are some very cool UI components, media and charts in the Ensemble.

Source: [JavaFX]

JavaFX 2.0 has been released