Google have created Pwnium, a competition for hackers able to hack Chrome (Google’s web browser) and the prices were a total of one million dollars. A Russian university student hacked a PC using Chrome and got the $60000 prize. He used an exploit to bypass Chrome’s sandbox, a security measure that it was designed to stop hackers from accessing the PC even if they were able to hack the browser. In the same time at Pwn2Own event by HP a security firm was able to hack Chrome in five minutes. Hackers gave the information on how they were able to perform the hacks because it is mandatory to get the prize. After this Google realized that its web browser is not as safe as they thought it was but they can use the information and make Chrome safer. I tried Chrome and it is a good web browser but I will stay with Firefox which is, in my opinion, the best choice.

Chrome is not as safe as Google thinks