Kaspersky was called to investigate Duqu Trojan and the researchers have found some strange things. First of all, the framework of the Trojan is written in a programming language that is unknown to the researches at the Russian security company. This means that a section of the Trojan was developed in a rare programming language or the creator(s) also created a new programming language. The majority of the code is in C++, one of the most famous programming languages today. The second strange thing about Duqu Trojan is that it has many similarities with Stuxnet worm that targeted Iran’s nuclear facilities. It has the same behaviour and uses similar methods to spread its self. Researches believe that the same group that created Stuxnet worm also created Duqu Trojan. To be able to create a Trojan so sophisticated needs some serious knowledge in computers, networks, programming languages and compilers.

Duqu trojan framework written in unknown language