Google PlusGoogle+ is growing very fast since it opened for public and you don’t need an invitation. The user base of Google+ is now over 50 million in just 88 days after its launch. The growth is now about 4% per day and in numbers this means about 2 millions new members per day. Since the launch of Google+ we saw Facebook changing and trying to look more like Google+. They added some functionality about post visibility and some other things like lists, subscribe feature, longer posts etc, which is what Google+ already had. It is good to see the competition forcing companies to change and users benefit from that. Despite the fact that Google+ has much smaller user base than Facebook, it grows a lot faster than Facebook and soon the difference will not be that big. Facebook is stacked to its almost 800 millions users and there is a trend leaving it, each user for his own reasons.

I have an account in both social networks but I admit that I prefer Google+. First of all, the interface is much cleaner, if you open both websites and have them next to each other you will see the difference. Also, Google+ loads faster, at least on my computers. Especially, after the latest news that Facebook is tracking its users even after they are logged out, I tend to prefer Google+ even more. Any website that has a like button or the publish widget for Facebook it sends information that you have visited that page back to Facebook. Google+ was designed to support circles, hangouts and all of its functionalities and Facebook was not and it just adding stuff to the original engine like patches. I don’t know about you but I think that you need training to use Facebook’s all functionalities which it was somehow forcing me to have.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of “friends” on Google+, if the grow continues at this rate, you will very soon. Some people don’t see the point in joining Google+ because they are on Facebook. You will not know if you don’t try it, and even if you read 100 posts about it you can’t feel the difference. If it was just another social network and didn’t worth joining, Facebook would not bother making all those changes to implement the same functionalities.

Source: [Paul Allen]

Google+ is growing very fast