TiGER-M@TE hacked 700.000 websites hosted on InMotion hosting network in one shot. Some attacks target single websites, some attacks target hosting server and this one a whole data center. TiGER-M@TE hacks since 2007 and this one is his largest attack. The attack didn’t make any serious damage, especially if the targets had backups. The method is simple, the hacker was adding a custom “index.php” file in several directories and if the same file was already there, it was replaced by the custom one. The index.php file is the file that it is shown by the web server when someone visits the website/folder. This custom file has the message “Server HackeD by TIGER-M@TE”. 700000 is a huge number and InMotion should protect better its clients.

TiGER-M@TE hacked 700.000 sites with one shot